i envision myself in trial giving the closing argument from the very first minute i take a case.

That's how trial lawyers think.

That's how we litigate.

And that's how we win.  

It may surprise you that most lawyers have never been involved in a trial.  It may also surprise you that most lawyers rarely, if ever, go to court at all.


I'm not one of those lawyers. 


I'm a trial lawyer.  I thrive in the courtroom.  So the philosophy with which I approach all of cases is simple: 
I treat every case as though it’s headed to trial. 


Why?  Because I believe we can achieve a better result with that frame of mind.  For two reasons.  First, because we’re not resigned to settling—in which case, we’d probably just be settling for less.  That’s why I’m never disappointed when settlement negotiations fall through—I’m energized.  Because I know how to take cases to trial, and win. 


Second, because I believe that, fundamentally, trial experience makes one a better lawyer because it teaches you how to “litigate backwards.”  If a lawyer has never been involved in a trial, how does he know which pieces of information are most critical to gather during the early stages of the case?  Or which witnesses to interview?  Taking cases all the way to the end gives you extraordinary perspective on how you should be handling them from the beginning.  I have that perspective, and I bring it to bear with all of my cases. 


I didn’t start my career doing the bidding of big private clients at a big law firm.  I started out serving the American people as a federal prosecutor and government litigator with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. 


So as a lawyer, I was “raised” differently than most.  It isn’t the Department of Winning, it’s the Department of Justice.  And that’s how was I trained to handle cases from the moment I was sworn in:  to be fair, to be just, and to always do what’s right—even if that meant admitting that the government was wrong. 


But I suppose I’ve always had that frame of mind.  At my core, I’m helpful, I’m driven by an abiding sense of right and wrong, and I enjoy working in service of the greater good. 


That’s the value system with which I continue practice law.  I don’t just take cases because there might be a payday at the end of them.  I take cases because I care about what happened to you.  Because I’m offended by it.  And because I want to help make it right.


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