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is a threat to justice Everywhere.
      - Martin Luther King Jr.
Based in Los Angeles and Practicing Nationwide
I know it when i see it.

Some people say the phrase “civil rights” is vague—that it’s so general and overly broad that it’s essentially meaningless.  But that’s probably because they’ve never had their civil rights violated.  Because if you—like me—have had your civil rights violated, then you know exactly what the phrase means. 


There’s nothing vague about being called a nigger.  And whether it’s the first time or the tenth time, it hits different each and every time.  That’s a text message I received not too long ago.  And that word struck at the core of my soul at my mature age now the same way it did when I was first called a nigger back in grade school. 


A lot of people like to believe that racism just happens “in the South” or that racism happened “back in the day.”  Not true.  Racism is alive and well.  And it isn’t just covert or subconscious.  It’s open, ugly, and right in your face—just like that text message I received. 


So, if you’ve been the victim of racial discrimination, retaliation, or harassment, and want to discuss what legal recourse you might have, please give me a call and let’s discuss your options.

x  Racial Discrimination & Racial Profiling

x  Excessive Force Incidents

x  Police Shootings

x  Police Beatings & Police Brutality

x  Called a Nigger / Racial Epithets

x  Unlawful Search & Seizure

x  Unlawful Detention & False Arrest

x  Wrongful Termination

x  Religious Discrimination

x  Gender Discrimination

x  Discrimination Based on Sexuality

x  Dreadlocks and Natural Hair Discrimination / CROWN Act

x  Prisoner Rights

x  Jail & Prison Conditions

x  Jail & Prison Medical Care

x  Housing Discrimination & Slumlord Litigation

x  Whistleblowers & Retaliation

x  Qui Tam / False Claims Act

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