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i make it my business

TO LEarn your business.

And then I fight to protect it like it's my own. 

Based in Los Angeles and Practicing Nationwide
you built it. Let me help defend it.

Even though I didn’t start my career representing big business, that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t know how to represent big clients.  The United States of America is the biggest client of them all.  And, in practice, representing the “United States” meant representing the varied interests of the over 400 agencies that comprise the federal government.  So, on any given day, an Assistant U.S. Attorney could, for example, be assigned to defend an employment discrimination claim against the Postal Service, to litigate a catastrophic personal injury action against the Army, to sue a construction company for negligently igniting a wildfire on federal land, or to investigate a financial institution for defrauding the Treasury Department.  The types of cases we handled were wide-ranging and our individual responsibility for litigating those cases was all-encompassing.  As an Assistant U.S. Attorney, you are singularly responsible for taking a case from complaint to verdict, and, if necessary, up on appeal.  Your “specialty” was whatever case you were working on in that particular instant, and your goal was to get the best result for the American people. 


When I transitioned to private practice, I took the same approach to representing businesses—both big and small—that I did when representing federal agencies.  I gave sound counsel, used resources efficiently and, of course, was never afraid to take a case to trial if that’s what the dispute warranted.  I’ve handled trade secrets litigation, breach of contract disputes, fraud claims, and more.


So, if you have a business dispute, please give me a call and let’s talk about how we can get the best result for you. 

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